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Canon Utilities Easy-PhotoPrint 3.7 is the latest version of this downloadable free program to use only in case we have a Canon printer installed. Easy-PhotoPrint has a nice intuitive easy to use interface so that everybody, novice or not, can use it. After installing this software, we can print images in three steps.
First, we select an image anywhere from our system directory tree including external devices. Then we can go on making corrections to the chosen image. We are allowed to make red-eye correction, improve the skin tone and facial lines, brighten and sharpen the face, etc. we can apply all these features automatically to the whole image at once or manually, just to the area selected by us. We can also remove blemish and marks. The result image is saved in Canon format without modifying the original one. Easy-PhotoPrint supports JPEG images. If we want to print one or several images, we can do so with this utility. We can select the position, size and color of the image and the paper size, position and type. We can also print the image with its Exiff information.


  • Intuitive, quick and easy user's interface.
  • Free download online.


  • Only runs with Canon printers.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 20.9 MB

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    Ivo Gregurec 3 years ago

    Huge disappointment! But then again it's hard not to expect that software is not designed for mentally challenged when it has "easy" in its name.

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    Guest 4 years ago
    — Great product
    Pros: easy to use, able to clone to different size drives and alter partition sizes
    Cons: none

    Have used it for years without a hitch. I use it to clone my drives once a week, so when Windows crashes or screws up a directory, I just swap the drive and and I am up and running.

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    Haraldur 5 years ago

    Easy Photo Print 3.2 is better than this when it comes to CD/DVD printing which I do a lot compared to photo printing. I prefere 3.2 or 1.0 there I can use my own templates or create my own unlike in 3.7

All comments (4)

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